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Changchun Synthetic Group was established in 1988, is the first domestic development, production of automotive damping materials business.

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FAW Industry Sythetic Material CO.,LTD,Changchun

The company was founded in 1988. Covers an area of 134,000 square meters, construction area of 39,000 square meters, 80 million yuan in fixed assets, the total assets of 150 million yuan in 2010 sales of 198 million yuan, the number of workers 248(Inclusion group) people, including 36 engineering and technical personnel, management 36 People, college or higher accounted for 30%.

TianjinJingda Synthetic Material Co.,LTD.

Tianjin Jingda Synthetic Material Co., Ltd. (TJJD): established in 2005, for the Beijing and Tianjin customers in North China on time supply and service. Now the formation of 10,000 tons of damping plate manufacturing base.

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Chengdu Hecheng Automobile Parts CO.,LTD .

Chengdu and into the auto parts Co., Ltd. is the largest production scale NVH production enterprises Changchun FAW Industrial Synthetic Materials (Group) to invest in the construction of a wholly owned subsidiary, was established in July 2009, the site is located in Chengdu, Road 348, the company covers an area of 32,000 square meters.

Product display

The company set up a laboratory and has a damping instrument, noise tester and so on more than 40 sets of advanced detection and testing equipment, vehicle noise can be a number of models NVH analysis, with the main plant to develop NVH product capabilities, with magnetic, self-adhesive, heat Other than 10 kinds of viscous cloth, towel, mesh, polyester, cotton and other different specifications of more than 10 kinds of viscous cloth The

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